Latest projects

  • Apache Error Page (23.02.2012 18:54)

    A dynamic error page for Apache webserver, using custom messages for several HTTP status codes.

  • Facebook Send Button WordPress Plugin (25.04.2011 21:45)

    A WordPress plugin that includes the Facebook Send Button on every post.

    If you want to suggest features or had problems installing the plugin, click on Register to sign up for an account. Then post you message in the Forums...

  • Flickrss (17.04.2011 22:26)

    Flickrss is a WordPress plugin that displays the latest comments of your Flickr account in your Sidebar.

    As a bonus it automatically detects if you’ve got FAlbum installed on your blog and then offers you to link the comments to the gallery in your blog rather than back to Flickr....

  • Roundcube Piwik Analytics integration (16.04.2011 16:59)

    Easy setup for piwik analytics in Roundcube Webmail.
    This is a fork of roundcube_google_analytics.

  • BSS - Brainfusion Surveillance System (16.04.2011 16:29)

    Surveillance system, including an iPhone webapp, for my apartment using an old iBook, an external iSight, the Webcam software EvoCam and a set of scripts in AppleScript, PHP, and also some shell scripts.